God, No! - Penn Jillette

God, No!

By Penn Jillette

  • Release Date: 2011-08-16
  • Genre: Humor
Score: 4.5
From 649 Ratings


A scathingly funny reinterpretation of the Ten Commandments from the larger, louder half of world-famous magic duo Penn and Teller reveals an atheist's experience in the world: from performing on the Vegas strip with Siegfried and Roy to children and fatherhood to his ongoing dialogue with proselytizers of the Christian Right and the joys of sex while scuba-diving, Penn has an outrageous sense of humor and a brilliantly entertaining opinion on, well, anything you care to think of.


  • Wow!

    By Englishfire
    For those of you who said you didn't like this book, did you actually read it?? It is a beautiful masterpiece! I guess not a book for people who cannot think on their own. Besides if you believe in God and you read a book entitled God, No! And know its by Penn Jillette who is a well known atheist then you are just doing it to rant and rave that someone doesn't share your small minded ignorant opinions of life and what its about. Sorry run on sentences... Haha! Anyway, give this book a read. Its excellent!
  • Thought provoking, entertaining read

    By Lflask
    Fun to read and laced with unique, bold thoughts
  • God no!

    By Laser ctr
    I enjoyed the descriptive narrative of this book, the real freedom and the simple true that the author uses during the entire book!
  • Great book

    By Tri town
    Don't read that much, but this book Is great!!!! Couldn't stop reading it.
  • Entertaining

    By michael mclaughlin
    Not quite what I thought it would be, but entertaining and well worth it
  • Excellent, heart felt, and entertaining

    By Danielle311
    I was so excited to read this book and I wasn't disappointed. I have to say I just about agree with everything Penn says, and I loved his colorful and vivid stories about his life and experiences being an atheist. Most of all, I love his passion, whether I always agree with him or not. His underlying message and what many writing negative reviews either here or elsewhere seemed to have missed (or maybe didn't even see as I'm guessing most of them didn't read the book) is Penn's observation that life is love. The joy we have in life with our friends, family, parents, and children is what life is all about. There is so much that is wonderful and beautiful about this life and that is what people should focus on. His message is clear: it's not anti-religion, it's pro-love. I, like Penn, believe in people. I believe in the good in people and the love I feel for others and they feel for me. To me, that is much more important than man made-up ideas about what happens to us after this life. Surely this life is worth living and enjoying first? Penn, and myself, definitely think so.
  • Great Book

    By jbg927
    Great book written by a good friend. I may not see eye to eye with everything written, but hey, this is America and I don't have too!
  • Entertaining and irreverent

    By Jonathan S
    This book reads like you're in the room with Penn, and he's gotten on a roll and is telling some of his favorite stories. He's going on a bit too much about something some of the time, but he's always fun to listen to. If you like Penn Jillette's other projects, you'll have a good time reading this. I was inspired to get this by listening to him on the Nerdist podcast, and it feels very similar to that appearance. He's a guy who is speaking candidly, admitting he's hard to live with, wrapping his head around the things life has thrown at him. He's a raconteur. Even when he's annoying, he's entertainingly annoying. This book is a great read for Penn Jillette's fans, skeptics,and people who know that crude humor can make you think sometimes.
  • Funny, thought provoking read.

    By Lakerboy226
    From the first few pages, this book is a great, non-prostelyzing read, which will give the reader plenty of opportunity to see Penn's take on a pretentious world of religious, and political zealots. Whether the reader is atheist or not, one must give credit as this is a thought provoking and humorous view of religion. One may presume that this will be an all out attack on Christianity, but actually looks at all world religions and their absurdities as well as their common good. I was very impressed that while many atheist writings present their view like any reader who does not agree is less intelligent; this does not. A very fast, entertaining book, that I would recommend to any adult reader. For the religious, if your faith is strong enough to endure a well written, thought provoking argument, I commend you. For the non-religious, you will be in stitches with Penn's anecdotes explaining his journey through life not being a god fearing man. At the very least, a reader will finish this book with many laughs, and possibly a few tears from a few tender moments exposing a side of the author not usually seen in his shows. Great book!
  • Everyone likes boobs!

    By Army Man
    Penn has renewed my faith.... I want to believe, wait that was X-Files...... A seriously fun look at how the world needs to wake up from its religious nightmare as told by a hilarious Sasquatch. I almost pre'd my pants. If you don't read this book at least stop Tebowing.