Next Level Basic - Stassi Schroeder

Next Level Basic

By Stassi Schroeder

  • Release Date: 2019-04-16
  • Genre: Humor
Score: 4.5
From 364 Ratings




Discover how to embrace your best basic self in this laugh-out-loud funny guidebook from the breakout star of Bravo’s hit reality show Vanderpump Rules, perfect for fans of the relatable and entertaining books by The Betches and Andi Dorfman.

Millions of Vanderpump Rules viewers and podcast listeners know Stassi Schroeder as a major defender of Basic Bitch rights. There’s nothing more boring than people who take themselves too seriously or think that you have to be pretentious to be cool. Stassi champions the things that many of us are afraid to love publicly for fear of being labeled basic: lattes, pugs, bubbly cocktails, millennial pink, #OOTD (outfit of the day, obvs), astrology, hot dogs, the perfect pair of Louboutins, romantic comedies...the list goes on and on.

This book is for people tired of pretending they would rather see a Daniel Day-Lewis movie about sewing or read War and Peace than watch a Saw marathon or read...well, this book!

In Next Level Basic, the reality star, podcast queen, and ranch dressing expert gives you hilarious and pointed lessons on how to have fun and celebrate yourself, with exclusive stories from her own life and on the set of Vanderpump Rules. From her very public breakups to her most intimate details about her plastic surgery, Stassi shares her own personal experiences with her trademark honesty—all with the hope you can learn something from them.


  • Inspired

    By Volsdawg
    This is the best book for finding yourself, embracing the quirks and weirdness, and truly owning it like a boss! Don’t ever make excuses for who you are! Embrace your basicness!
  • BITTTTCH, gotta read this.

    By kinnyblake
    loved the book already read the hard copy... just had to purchase the audio book to hear her tell it. absolutely loved it, met her on her book tour & all. definitely next level basic
  • Confused..

    By BBinkiewicz
    I like what I see from Stassi, but this book confused me. Was it an auto biography? Was it a book providing young girls advice?.. The book ultimately didn’t really say much of anything except for a bunch of abbreviated words and brief explanations. I found the advice part generic and the personal info shallow. Expected more from her as a writer I guess..
  • :)

    By kmattyyyyy
    Absolutelyyyyyyyy LOVED reading this. Surpassed all my expectations!
  • I love stassi but this was boring

    By Allysysysys
    This book is really meant for a 13 year old. I was so excited to read this book, but it is so shallow.
  • Love!!!!

    By j257844806481260
    A great read!!!!
  • Quick light read, blog-like

    By htamarah
    Read it in less than a day, which is a nice feeling. Stassi is my favorite character on Vanderpump and I love her podcast, so I’d recommend this book to those who feel similarly or for people who are struggling with confidence/appreciating themselves. However, I wish there were a lot more personal stories and more detail to the life stories that were given. The style of the book is more blog-like, little stories and lots of tips. It is great for those who want tips, but I could’ve kept reading so much more about her life in further detail, so I wish there was more of that and less tips.
  • Next level basic

    By Right-is-Right
    Stassi is a the girl we all wish we had the balls to be!! Stood her ground a few years back and even tho she came back to VPR and had to eat a little crow, she did it in such a brutally honest and transparent way!!! I wish I could speak the truth with no reservations like her!! Great first book Stassi! You’ll succeed in anything you do darlin! Keep being you and marry that sweet Beau!!
  • Trash

    By mgentile
  • It’s ...okay... I guess.

    By whatnameisnttakendamn
    I really like Stassi. A lot. I’m impressed at how well written this book is. It’s short and cute. But kinda in a middle school way? If you’re a Stassi or VPR fan, this is a fun and light read. Just don’t take it too serious going in.